Vitamin C: More Than a Cold Remedy

When crisis strikes, you’ll want to be in the best physical condition possible. One of your biggest allies in this fight both short and long-term is a vitamin you already know about — vitamin C. You’re probably already aware of how awesome it is in combating colds and getting you back on your feet quickly. It’s an excellent immune system booster as well as a powerful antioxidant.

Health Benefits of Vitamin C

However, what you might not know about vitamin C is that it’s been proven to have a wide range of other health benefits that don’t get talked about quite as much. Life Extension magazine has profiled a number of the impressive health benefits of vitamin C. Here is an overview of what taking vitamin C can do for you and your health — followed by some information about the ideal vitamin C dosage that just might surprise you.

1. Prevention of Stomach and Digestive Problems 

Recent studies have shown that vitamin C plays a role in protecting the stomach area against oxidative damage that could otherwise progress to some pretty serious stomach issues, including gastritis and ulcers. Taking more vitamin C is also connected with a lowering of the risk of stomach cancer.

2. Respiratory Issues and Asthma

Vitamin C is well-known for reducing instances of the pesky common cold as well as shortening the duration if a cold if does happen to strike you. However, newer studies are showing that the powerful antioxidant effects of our friend vitamin C can assist with reducing the symptoms and effects of much more serious respiratory problems such as asthma.

3. Reducing the Impact of Less-Than-Healthy Lifestyle Choices

If you’re a smoker, quitting is one of the best things you can do for your health. However, as you’re working on it, keep taking the vitamin C. Those persons who smoke cigarettes but also take vitamin C tend to experience less health effects from smoking.

Studies have shown those who take vitamin C regularly show less depletion in vitamin E, which is often triggered by smoking; this was compared with smokers who didn’t take any supplemental vitamin C at all. Vitamin C has also been found to improve overall cardiovascular health, an area often damaged or highly impaired in persons who smoke cigarettes. Damage to the DNA is also reduced, and by extension, a reduction in inflammation that often follows DNA damage has also been reported.

4. Combating Diabetes

Some studies have also shown that taking Vitamin C helps to reduce and regulate blood glucose levels, which is particularly important for those persons who are diabetic. A number of other key blood values also seem to benefit from taking vitamin C, which could bode well for those with diabetes or other blood sugar issues.

5. Cancer Treatment Support and Prevention 

Not only does vitamin C show promise in reducing the debilitating effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy; it also helps to bolster the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of many known cancer-fighting agents. It can help to increase the tumor-flighting capacity of cancer treatments.

6. A Stronger Heart

From preventing heart disease altogether to overall coronary health to improving the odds of survival following a heart attack, many studies are showing the power and value of taking vitamin C as a means of supporting the heart. Vitamin C assists in keeping blood pressure at normal, healthy levels. Oxidative damage is one of the biggest dangers that can contribute to inflammation as well as chronic heart disease; however, vitamin C has shown great effectiveness in stopping this unhealthy chain reaction in its tracks.

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