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Winter Bug Out TIps

A bug out event presents challenges regardless of the season. Winter, however,  brings more challenges that people must be able to overcome for survival. Hypothermia, frostbite and lack of food supply all pose health and safety hazard. The following tips are designed to help people prepare for a successful winter evacuation. How Do You Pick an … Continue reading Winter Bug Out TIps

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Why You Should Consider Using Colloidal Silver

Although silver has been used in healing throughout history, it isn’t discussed much in mainstream medical circles today. Some speculate that its effectiveness, availability and low cost (that is, if you make your own) has caused “big pharma” to want nothing to do with its spread and proliferation. After all, they can’t make money from … Continue reading Why You Should Consider Using Colloidal Silver

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5 Great Knives For Preppers

A good knife is arguably one of the most important considerations for the prepper and should be close to the top of the equipment list. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to think of all the situations where a good knife could mean the difference between survival and, well, not surviving. From cutting firewood and building shelter, to preparing food, first aid and even defense, there’s hardly a survival situation where a piece of sharp steel doesn’t come in real handy.

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