Top 10 High Producing Vegetables for Year Round Yield

Prepper’s can take advantage of an easy way to enhance food supplies on a year round basis. A garden is an excellent source of basically free food. What is better than free food? Food that is available all year long.

A garden is a source of food production that represents a huge bounty for every prepper. The following list is ten of the easiest vegetables to grow that also produce a bountiful harvest. Some vegetables, such as root vegetables can be left in the ground as a means of storage while other varieties are easily pickled, frozen or canned. What prepper would not love an annual food supply right at their fingertips? Here is how to make that a reality!

10 High Producing Vegetables

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes come in two varieties; determinate and indeterminate. The main difference is that Determinate tomato plants produce a crop that is harvest-ready all at the same time. Indeterminate tomato plants produce a crop that is harvest-ready over the entire season. For canning, determinate tomatoes work best. However, for drying, freezing, and eating fresh, indeterminate tomato plants are perfect. In a garden that is concerned with maximum production a combination of both types of tomatoes is what you want.

Tip: A food dehydrator is perfect for drying tomatoes. A Crockpot makes it much easier to make sauces for freezing. A Blender and/or food processor are both perfect for making juices, purees, etc. All can be found at thrift stores for cheap.

2. Potatoes

Potatoes are easy to grow root vegetables. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Root vegetables have an advantage over many other types of crops in that you can just store them without harvesting them. If you have a bumper crop of potatoes, you can just leave them in the ground. You do run the risk of potato rot and other vectors, but overall they are usually fine.

Tip: Potatoes are rare plants. If you build a potato box that is about 3 feet tall, plant your seed potatoes in the bottom of the box and just cover them with loose dirt. The plant will grow up through the dirt. If you continue to add dirt, the plant will just keep growing taller. By removing a bottom board, you can reach into the soil and harvest potatoes as you need them. The plant will just keep producing more until it eventually dies.

3. Garlic

Garlic is an awesome plant to grow. It is a stable of almost every kitchen. In the cool winter climates, you can plant garlic in November and harvest it by June or July. It does not take up much space, and you can grow a lot of it. It is very easy to store.

Tip: You can make garlic water, which is easy to make and is an excellent pest deterrent for the garden.

4. Beans

There are a lot of variety of beans. Pole beans, bush beans, and Asian beans. Beans can be eaten fresh, as in string beans and most Asian beans, or they can be left to dry on the vine and harvested as dry beans.

TIP: If you are planning to freeze or can food, Asian beans are excellent. The yard long beans freeze well and the plants are prolific.

5. Summer Squash

Every garden should have at least one type of summer squash in it. Zucchini is an excellent example of a summer squash. There are many different varieties; however, and for the sake of good food, grow a few different types.

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