Contribute to MSP

Would you like to contribute to MSP by creating blogs or videos that help other preppers?  We’d love to hear from you!

How to Contribute

If you’ve never contributed to MSP before but you want to write for our blog or create a video for MSP,  please – email us first.
We’d like to know the title, the main points you’ll cover, and who will benefit from the content.  Also please include links to other posts or videos you’ve created in the past (if any).  We’ll get back to you promptly.

Why Contribute?

MSP is a community.   As such, we’re not only hoping that members step up to share what they’ve learned over their years in prepping – we’re counting on it.  That’s what makes a community work.  It’s unrealistic to think that only a few people should write for MSP when in fact I see MSP as someday having hundreds of spare time contributors!

Is there any Compensation or Reward?

Initially, no.  However, if you you submit 3 quality blog posts that we use (exclusive to MSP, not published elsewhere), we’ll reward you with a year of Premium access free.  If you want to become a regular contributor and be rewarded for it financially, we’re open to the idea and we’ve got a plan for how to do it.  But, let’s start with 3 blog posts  to  confirm that we’re a match for each other before we worry about setting up a long term relationship and compensation.

Questions?  Just Ask!
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