Greens Beyond the Garden: Wild Edible Plants

While your garden is packed with healthful, nutrient-dense foods, supper doesn’t have to stop there. The fields, forests and wetlands surrounding your home offer up a veritable buffet of wild edible plants, including berries, blooms and stems. You just have to know where to look.

Edible Berries

  • wineberriesWineberries: Considered invasive in many states, wineberry bushes are a hardy, thriving relative of the raspberry. Left unattended, they form dense little thickets, making them a perfect go-to food if you’re trying to survive in the wild. Wineberries ripen to a bright red in mid-summer and make tasty jams, jellies and desserts.
  • huckleberriesHuckleberries: Huckleberries grow all over the United States, though they’re actually native to South America. Several species, including box, dwarf and black are often mistaken for blueberries, and indeed, they do have a similar taste and texture. Slightly sticky leaves and bell-shaped blooms mark this tasty wild treat that’s often eaten in cakes, pies and preserves.
  • chokecherriesChokecherries: This juicy red berry makes delicious jelly, juice and syrup — just make sure you remove the seeds before eating. The pits, stems, leaves and bark of the chokeberry bush are toxic enough to kill the uninformed person who nibbles on them.

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