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    well, as i stated in another response post, i will miss oranges and grapefruit. But what i really think i will miss most are my older kids. they live in large cities several hours away by car on a good day. if everything collapses suddenly, I don’t expect to see them again. none of them are of a similar mindset to us either, so their preparations to get back here safely are non-existent and with a gradual disaster i am not sure that they would even consider it because they do not agree with what we are doing.

    so, what will you miss most?

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    kind of a hard pill to swallow – losing family. No one should ever outlive their children, by the way.

    I will miss a great number of things, but although my brother is in the Big City, and a Big $ guy (investment broker by trade), He’s a survivor, and I would expect he and his family to find it to my doorstop in the rural wheat fields/cattle ranches/ and salt mines of KS before too long.

    I don’t expect my mother will make it longer than a week. And that’s not due to bad health or age, it’s due to a lack of abilities.

    And that’s the extent of my family. Now my wife’s family on the other hand – there will be lots of lost lives.

    What I will miss most is common civility. Once SHTF, I believe that could possibly be the first to go, and the hardest to restore. As Godless people don’t feel a need for such a thing. And there are too many Godless people (even in the church).

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    very true, too many people will “pass by on the other side of the road” in the times to come rather than aid another. or worse, they will be like the bandits that beat the man and left him there in the first place.

    unfortunately, civility is a luxury item for most people. it becomes the first thing to go when times get tough.

    another thing to be missed will be toilet paper. it doesn’t matter how much you stock up, EVENTUALLY you will run out if they are not producing more by then.

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    Initially, I would miss having the CD player running while I work but that may be replaced by people reading as we work so maybe not a big loss.

    If we sink to the status of the middle ages I will miss the dentist and beef, both of which are outside my most ambitious goals.

    …and depeninding on how things go tonight… I may be really missing the waterbed.


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    amish heart

    I’d miss family. Depending on where I am, some are near and some are not. I would miss chocolate, coffee, bananas, and ice cubes. I would miss Nicorette gum which I chew when I’m having a day. I would also miss CD’s, because I like to listen when I cook. I’d miss you guys, but you’d probably be ok.

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    the ice cubes can be solved by creating an ice-powered root cellar underground like what we will be experimenting with this winter. he remembers his father talking about them using them in Hungary way back. my only experience with them is from watching Little House on the Prairie!
    you cover the ice with straw after you get it into the cellar. the ice typically lasts in there until mid- late- Summer depending on the level of insulation on the roof and how often you access it (letting warm air in each time). when you want ice for your drink, go in and chip it off one of the blocks…..

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    big red

    I would miss family that I know will not make it to my place but realy I will miss cold MOUNTAN DEW and HERSHY BARS

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