The Democrats Will Never Confiscate Your Guns. Instead, You’ll Hand them Over.

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    Food and children would likely do it. Still, I can’t imagine how much manpower it would take to go door to door in this country. In New Mexico it is legal to sell to private party, so I know that a lot of guns that have gone through FFL have already been sold to private party without record. I know about half of ours have. I know that the ones that I keep are some that jam and have weird calibers. I don’t see how I could possibly sell that Henry rifle with the barrel problem. So the records that exist at the NICS call in and the FFL records are only partially valid. When (if) the Feds do get around to coming door to door, how do we know that they are the real Feds? Quite possibly they may be told that the Feds had already confiscated the whole block, because, you know, people with guns, badges, uniforms have already made their rounds.
    Restricting the purchase of ammo (like in California…registration of ammo and permission to purchase) is also a problem.
    Remember when the state of NM wanted Mr AH and I to be foster parents as the only way to get our twin grandchildren? We weren’t able to be foster parents because we own a gun, and would not relinquish our concealed carry permit. This is going on in all states. If the US goes mostly cashless, then we are sunk. Transactions of basic needs can be stopped.

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    I think as things begin to appear that we are going to be required to turn over our arms. I would consider separating guns with a paper trail from those that don’t have one, there will be no discussion about guns with a paper trail (they will ask and you will give), but old, very old arms, black powder arms, or home made arms may be overlooked. I would also consider separating ammo…..

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    Good point @urbanhunter !

    While I have toyed with those ideas, I have not taken any action. I should.

    Do you have any thoughts on how to prep a device for long term storage ?


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    I don’t know, how about a heavy coat of lube and then seal-i-meal bag it (Note remove scopes first), that should keep the moisture and dirt away from the barrel and action.

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