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    ok, curious about this idea.

    has everyone taken steps to prepare for getting from work/vacation/in-town-chores etc back to your home (assuming bugging in) or your various BOL’s?
    have various disasters been considered in these plans? (EMP, natural disasters, civil unrest etc)
    some of you travel a fair distance every day away from your safe locations. how are you prepped for that?

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    I have a get home bag that i take with me whenever i leave the farm,even just into town. my wife has the same thing for when she is out and about. our girl who just left for college is getting a full bug out bag for Christmas, to complement the get home travel bag that she has for on the public transit system when she is coming home. there are no weapons in this bag (she is not allowed them on public transit nor is she allowed to keep anything that is a weapon in her dorm room. this has caused some consternation with us considering that she has chosen a school on the far side of Toronto to the north of us. That puts about 4 million people between her and safety here. not good odds if it is a sudden onset catastrophe.

    my oldest two kids are thoroughly liberal and believe that i am insane to do the things that i do. they are also in major cities and i don’t expect to see them after things collapse.

    regardless of the disaster, I am pretty much committed to returning to the farm on foot. even considering the farthest that i go, it should take no more than a week to make the trip. less if i am able to acquire alternative forms of non-vehicular transportation such as a bicycle.

    something that occurred to me is this (and i want to fact-check this before investing $$$) i wonder how much of a modern vehicle is controlled by the computer on board? are there sub-systems involved? is it possible to swap out an EMP damaged computer motherboard by hand and restart the vehicle, at least enough to get it running again? if i were to put a replacement computer board in a homemade cage to protect it from the EMP and kept that in the back of whatever vehicle i purchase, could i get home with a possibly operational vehicle? i realize that i would still have to deal with stalled dead traffic on the streets and roads as well as attempts at stealing the vehicle by those who are stranded themselves.

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    amish heart

    All of our family know to meet here. Although our farm is a better location if we have warning to get there…it’s a 10 hr drive. This is why Mr AH and I became ham radio operators, and our oldest daughter’s husband, too…because they live 20 minutes by car away from us. Although he is a mechanic by trade, and has an ugly, dumpy, extremely old, but working pick up truck. All of our kids have BOB’s in their cars because I put them there. I had to replace one…the SUV our son drives was parked downtown and someone smashed in the side window to steal the bag. Also had to replace the window, as it’s our SUV. Ha. My nephew in Oklahoma has now traveled to our farm enough and knows to go there if things get hinky in Oklahoma. He knows how to get in and how things work. A lot of our family live in California and there’s no getting out of there.

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    AH, what is the distance from both of your workplaces to your home? how long would it take either of you to walk that distance? if an EMP took out your vehicles? i realize that the farm in Kansas would be out of the question. would the other family members have a long trip to get to your place?
    i am having to go to the extent of outlining a suggested route for the older girl to take to go around Toronto and avoid the swarms of refugees etc. it doubles her distance but avoids population centres.
    i have also worked out routes for all the other places that my wife and i go to. many of those routes involve train tracks and all of them rely on rural back roads. too many grasshoppers will be on the major roads and highways.

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    big red

    I live 10 miles from work but travel as much as 130 away from home every day on the job ( I drive an armored car route ) . I have a get home bag in my pickup and a larger one in my armored car if an EMP it may take me a week to get home but I am armed and have extra amo in the truck plus food and water . If I can drive I think I have a good chance of making it home in my bullet proof truck .Big Red PS I will be taking my truck home I have other family with in 10 miles that I can go pick up

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    @big red wrote “… if an EMP it may take me a week to get home …”

    Under normal conditions I am about a 1.5 hour walk from home but I would be a in bad shape if I was out of town when it happened. If I averaged out my road trips it could take me 3 weeks. I pray I am at home when it happens. Another reason to be planning to retire sooner rather than later.

    The rest of the family knows to head to our place because we have things set-up and can manage things with what we have and the resources needed. It is also one of those places were people fleeing the big city would not encounter since there are no major roads and even if they did get lost and wondered past, they may not even realize that there are houses hidden in the woods.


    PS: Welcome to MSP Big Red. I spent my formative years growing up in Duluth so I can relate to the great white north.

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    I don’t even want to think about getting home when on travel. Says Urbanhunter sitting in the Saltlake airport…. I’ve already booked 18000 air miles this year. This makes prepping take on a need for autonomous operations.


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