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    If GOOD – getting out of Dodge – ASAP or faster, the environment might demand a hard hat. Consider a pith style one worn over a wool sock cap. The helmet can be modified for the perceived problems. Here in Hurricane Alley, an attachable face shield does wonders prevention blowing sand becoming the equivalent of sand paper rubbing one’s face.

    On the inside of the helmet one can rig a folder mosquito net. A helmet’s chin strap can hold a whistle. Today, there are some good quality, light and powerful helmet lights. Many are inexpensive. There’s more to this list for the helmet but for now, … and try to get helmet light with same size batteries for other stuff.

    Transmitting from Hurricane Alley.


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    Good points @evac !

    I never stopped to think that much about my headgear, most likely because a multitude of hats I wear. I will spare a list but a few that have done their job for me recently.

    A beekeepers Veil was very handy when I had to deal yellow jackets nest. What a big difference the veil makes. Instead of spraying and running, I could stand their and watch their demise.

    A loggers hard-hat when running a chainsaw or pruning fruit trees. I walked away with mark on the hard hat after the limb I was removing from an apple tree decided it was going to take an unexpected twist when it hit the ground.

    The Princess ( code name for my better-half) acquired a pair of umbrella hats (fold up like an umbrella and has a headband) served us well as we were hauling carts of dirt around in the hot sun. Looked silly, but they did the job.

    Headbands made it possible for me to keep digging in hot weather. There is only so much perspiration a shirt sleeve can wipe up. At one point The Princess was assessing how much work I did in a day by counting the number of sweatbands I went through in the day.

    Welcome to MSP evac.


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    Good morning Ben,

    Thank you for welcome.

    Actually, I do have a folded beekeeper’s head net folded inside my helmet. They are more expensive (but better) than a basic mosquito head-net. Don’t want to create the environment that some readers will think preparedness is expensive. It’s really not.

    Also in my helmet bag is a dark plastic cover … like a shower handout at a motel … to transition from an orange hard hat to a gray man blend.

    Evacuations take planning because of the situation, the seasons, the hoped-for destination, the weight restrictions and the time to vacate the premises to GOOD.

    Again, the MSP welcome most appreciative.

    ~ evac

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    @evac posted “preparedness is expensive. It’s really not.”

    That is dependent on what form of “preparedness” we are talking about.

    This is a link to another thread where we discussed what types of preps we have in place.

    Also of interest maybe this old thread that was copied from the OLD version of MSP where I mused about what type of events result in what type of challenge we will face.

    The Princess and I have set goals post-TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) not only survive but THRIVE a worse case scenario. To that end we are planning on CHEATING by starting the climb out of the hole now instead of waiting.

    CHEATING is not cheap.

    Part of my cheating includes plans to be able to generate my own energy from solar, wind and coal fired steam (see here).

    Batteries for the solar and wind are very dear.
    Copper wire to tie-in my works shop with my energy storage is expensive.
    A steam engine that can run a shop needs a boiler that can pass inspection.

    See Dave Richards on YouTube where he is operating a steam fired machine shop.

    So in summary, I agree that prepping does not have to be expensive but CHEATING can be costly (smiley-wink).

    Thanks for reading,


    PS: I am not rich but I am allowed to dream …

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