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    We are new to raising ducks! Built the duck run, a few weeks back. It’s a very large chainlinked area with a cover and some nesting areas. We put in 4 small wading pools that I can dump easily to change the water. We’ve been raising 16 ducks that arrived at 3 days of age….today’s the big day. They’re not quite big enough to go to the big duck run, but they will be going outside in their cages. Thank goodness for that, because if you think chickens are messy in the house…ducks are incredibly messy. And they stink. No matter how clean you keep them. And they need their bathing time. So, it’s been an adventure. We will be culling our excess drakes (dinner) when they get bigger. Meanwhile, our son brought home 3 adult ducks a friend of his didn’t want. Two drakes, one hen. She has been laying every other day. Good sized eggs, about the size of our turkey eggs.

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    Re: “Ducks are messy”

    That is what I have rad as well. But they are supposed to be OK in the garden for critter control provided the garden is developed beyond the early sprouts. The Princess has questioned if ducks could be something we could handle but that is as close as we have gotten. But then again, that is coming from a couple that have not committed to a dog or a cat, so take that thought with a grain of salt.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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