Survival gear

5 Great Knives For Preppers

A good knife is arguably one of the most important considerations for the prepper and should be close to the top of the equipment list. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to think of all the situations where a good knife could mean the difference between survival and, well, not surviving. From cutting firewood and building shelter, to preparing food, first aid and even defense, there’s hardly a survival situation where a piece of sharp steel doesn’t come in real handy.

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Spotlight on Altoids Survival Tins

A neat thing you’ll see if you browse the outdoors, preparedness and camping channels on Youtube are folks showing off their “Altoids Survival Tin.” As you may have guessed, these are simple little kits stored in one of those Altoids breath mint tins. The tin is tiny, letting you keep the kit in your back pocket at all times, and sturdy, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about breaking anything if you drop the tin, sit on it or even take a tumble down a hill while it’s in your pocket.

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10 Things You Forgot to Put in Your Bug Out Bag

The term “bug out” refers to the need to exit or vacate an area very quickly. In the prepper world, “bugging out” tends to mean you leave the area and go to a house, farm or other prepared shelter in order to join with members of your retreat group or MAG (mutual assistance group). The Bug Out Bag (or BoB) is a pack that’s created ahead of time to help sustain you in a disaster scenario.

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