Prepper 101

What You Can Do Now to Prepare for the ‘What Ifs’ of Life

There’s a game many people play with children. It could be called a self-reliance exercise. It has to do with “making do” and being prepared, with planning for contingencies as well as being open to new ideas and possibilities. It’s not really a game, because it has applications today for many situations, including surviving a natural disaster or coping with other sorts of emergencies.

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10 Tips to Get Started with Prepping

Prepping refers to an individual, family or group preparing themselves for surviving a potential threat. From natural disasters to world wide catastrophe, prepping can help you to be ready to face just about any type of scenario. The basics of prepping involve being ready with the essentials of survival; having access to shelter as well as food, water and survival gear are central to prepping, but how can one get started from scratch?

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The 7 G’s of Preparedness

Today, more than ever, humans are more reliant on technology and machines for survival. Because of this, many people would be unprepared for how to proceed if there was a major catastrophe. While there are many strategies for being prepared; for many people the only way it will work is to keep it simple. Keeping your mind on the 7 G’s of Preparedness is one way to do just that.

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