Personal safety

5 Steps to Protect Against Home Invasion

Millions of home intrusions occur every year. You can prepare now to minimize the chances of experiencing this, and to more effectively handle it if it does happen to you. Most people don’t even know their home has been invaded until well after the fact, even in cases where the residents were home! These are … Continue reading 5 Steps to Protect Against Home Invasion

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Surviving a Home Invasion: Do’s & Don’ts

Imagine you’re woken up at four in the morning to the sound of a breaking window, or it’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and the family’s relaxing in the den and you hear footsteps coming from the first floor above you. What do you do? As panic sets in, many people scramble around trying to grab their phone, gun and valuables, not really knowing what they’re doing otherwise. Sadly, they waste precious time which could have been used to call the police and get the family hidden in a safe room. To ensure that your family gets through a home invasion without harm, checkout these dos and don’ts.

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Best Guns for Home Defense

I’ve seen many a flame war in forums over this issue and I’ve no doubt that in some cases had the opponents been face-to-face they would have come to blows. It seems to be a very personal and subjective decision for a lot of people. But really there’s nothing very complicated about it, it comes down to a rational and logical assessment of your personal situation and which type of gun best meets your needs. Let’s take a look at the options.

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