Urban Gardening Tips: Ensure Your Food Supply Even in the City

If you’re a prepper at heart but live in the city, chances are you may have given up on the idea of self reliance when it comes to food. After all, how could you possibly garden in the middle of a bustling urban center? Your conundrum isn’t unique, which is why many preppers have gone an extra step and have gardens that will provide fresh fruit and veggies throughout your growing season — and even beyond. Here’s a few urban gardening tips to help get you started.

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Benefits of Community Gardens: More Than You Think

Growing a garden offers so many benefits to the gardener, and their family. Everyone knows this, but when community gardens are started, the number of people who can benefit increases significantly. While some of those benefits might seem obvious, such as access to fresh food, there are a few that might surprise you. A few of the lesser thought of benefits of community gardens are outlined below.

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