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Isolation Kits to Defend Against Ebola

With Ebola in the news and government officials officially dropping the ball, prudent people should consider how best to handle a potential infectious situation. Ebola is just one of the many diseases that are spread through human contact. First, you must know the Signs and Symptoms of Ebola. Home Isolation Kits and Containment When faced with … Continue reading Isolation Kits to Defend Against Ebola

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Ebola: Defending against disease and pandemics

Ebola, or Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever is a viral disease that almost always results in death. The infectious disease is spread by a filovirus via to those who come into contact with infectious body fluids. At this point in the epidemic, scientists have not yet identified the original host species. This is a disease pathogen that has transferred from another organism to the human population.

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