Bugging Out

Winter Bug Out TIps

A bug out event presents challenges regardless of the season. Winter, however,  brings more challenges that people must be able to overcome for survival. Hypothermia, frostbite and lack of food supply all pose health and safety hazard. The following tips are designed to help people prepare for a successful winter evacuation. How Do You Pick an … Continue reading Winter Bug Out TIps

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Bugging Out with Pets

You know how to bug out and get your family to safety, but have you considered what to do with your pets when disaster strikes? If you’ve made a plan, you need to include your pets in your plan. Leaving your pets to face the disaster is an option but hopefully you won’t have to make that decision. The problem is that bugging out with pets adds a level of complexity you may not have encountered before.

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10 Things You Forgot to Put in Your Bug Out Bag

The term “bug out” refers to the need to exit or vacate an area very quickly. In the prepper world, “bugging out” tends to mean you leave the area and go to a house, farm or other prepared shelter in order to join with members of your retreat group or MAG (mutual assistance group). The Bug Out Bag (or BoB) is a pack that’s created ahead of time to help sustain you in a disaster scenario.

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