The 7 G’s of Preparedness

Today, more than ever, humans are more reliant on technology and machines for survival. Because of this, many people would be unprepared for how to proceed if there was a major catastrophe. Preparing for this slim possibility is important, especially if it can be done in a way that helps you and your family thrive now as well as survive later.

7 G’s of Preparedness

While there are many strategies for being prepared; for many people the only way it will work is to keep it simple. Keeping your mind on the 7 G’s of Preparedness is one way to do just that. Whether or not you ever need to rely on these for survival, you will appreciate having these “at the ready” for day to day living as well as your security net.

1) God

Faith is what drives your will to survive and makes life special. Make sure you keep God at the center of your disaster preparedness plan. Pray about your decisions and always find a way to share the word of God with those around you—now and in the future.

2) Gold

If there was a catastrophe or especially a financial crisis, what do you think your 401K will help you with? Diversification is an essential part of any disaster plan and investing in gold is often a good option. Talk with a financial expert and find out the best way you can make gold part of your investment plans. Naturally, silver is also included in this G.

3) Guns

In case of a global crisis, your weapons could be one of your most important assets. If you have an adequate stash of weapons, you’ll be able to hunt, protect your family and possibly barter for other needed items.

4) Grub

While you may grow or hunt your food, it is always good to have some form of preserved food on hand. Canned or otherwise preserved food is vital. Shoot for at least one year of long term food storage for each member of your family. If you can’t do that today, you can start slowly with just $5 a week.

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4 thoughts on “The 7 G’s of Preparedness”

  1. I agree with putting God at the top of the list.
    While a proper “G-word” escapes me at the moment, preparing to survive does not prepare us to THRIVE.
    Thriving requires the ability to maintain a comfortable life style. Standing watch 24X7 is not in my “comfortable” list.
    For those that have done so I suggest looking up James Burkes series “Connections” to learn how many people have come to rely on technology to such an extent that they are not ready to deal with its loss.
    We do not all have to be engineers and scientist to learn how the Amish live and thrive as one example.

    1. Thank you, Ben for your post last July to encourage newby’s.
      I just saw it today…in december. I wonder, what am I missing in these posts and info articles. of course, as I look on sites with my fone, I do know not all sites jump out. I really enjoy yr commen tsz/directions to doing things.. so bless yr heart.

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