10 Things You Forgot to Put in Your Bug Out Bag

The term “bug out” refers to the need to exit or vacate an area very quickly. In the prepper world, “bugging out” tends to mean you leave the area and go to a house, farm or other prepared shelter in order to join with members of your retreat group or MAG (mutual assistance group). The Bug Out Bag (or BoB) is a pack that’s created ahead of time to help sustain you in a disaster scenario.

Why you need a bug out bag.

While some preppers create a Bug Out Bag out of fear of a big, cataclysmic event, there are many more who just want to be prepared for any of the more likely events that could happen. A well-made BoB will make the preparedness-minded individual very glad that they took the time to create it. Some possible scenarios where a Bug Out Bag and a plan can be a life-saver include:

• Earthquake
• Flood
• Hurricane
• Tornado
• Terrorism
• Home fire
• Mass shooting
• Tsunami
• Riots
• Home Invasion
• …Or for more peace of mind

What Makes for a Good Bug Out Bag?

Your Bug Out Bag essentials should be fairly obvious: portable food such as energy bars, water, a compass, map and an LED flashlight are BoB staples. Fire starter, tarp and a multi-tool are also widely used. Some elements of your Bug Out Bag contents should be customized to the weather, climate and terrain you live in. Keep in mind that the goal here is survival, not luxurious comfort; if you don’t need it to survive, you can probably leave it behind.

That said, there are some things that might be easy to overlook when creating your Bug Out Bag. While some of these things may not seem like make-or-break survival items, they will help you to be more comfortable and thereby more able to think on your toes in a survival setting. Consider these 10 things that can be easy to forget to include in a Bug Out Bag:

    1. Hand sanitizer. Not only will hand sanitizer keep you clean and sterile — it can also double as fire starter.
    2. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Easy to overlook, but very easy to pack. Oral health is essential to good overall health.
    3. Credit card and some cash. Unless you’re certain you’ll have your wallet when it’s time to bug out, packing an extra credit card and some cash can be an added safety layer.
    4. Whistle/signal device. These items can come in handy if you ever get lost or trapped somewhere at any point. Consider packing a few flares as well.
    5. Extra socks. Caring for your feet is key in a survival scenario. Dry socks help keep your feet free of blisters, allowing you to stay on the move longer. Wool or synthetic blend is superior to cotton.

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  1. Thanks for the reminders. I need a kick in the butt sometimes, and reading short articles about preparedness stuff always motivates me to check my gear, or reminds me of something else I would like to acquire. I appreciate your work.

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