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Top 10 Things You Can Do to Become Better Prepared in the City

Emergencies happen every day. Some of them are small in nature, but we have seen increasingly larger emergencies occurring all over the place. Massive flooding in Colorado, Hurricane Sandy, The deep freeze of this past winter, Hurricane Katrina, the massive tornadoes that struck Oklahoma recently, the incident in Japan and the massive Tsunami, are all examples of things that can happen every day.

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Spotlight on Altoids Survival Tins

A neat thing you’ll see if you browse the outdoors, preparedness and camping channels on Youtube are folks showing off their “Altoids Survival Tin.” As you may have guessed, these are simple little kits stored in one of those Altoids breath mint tins. The tin is tiny, letting you keep the kit in your back pocket at all times, and sturdy, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about breaking anything if you drop the tin, sit on it or even take a tumble down a hill while it’s in your pocket.

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The Top 10 Places to Store Your Emergency Food Supply

Storing your emergency food supply is a vital component of prepping. Whether you have a year’s supply of freeze dried foods or your own assemblage of edibles and water, those extra bags and containers can overwhelm your existing storage capacity. If you own your home, rent an apartment or live in a mobile home, there are ways to store your food supply in a way that keeps it fresh and accessible.

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How to Build a One Year Food Supply without Breaking Your Budget

The idea of building a large supply of food is daunting to people for many reasons. Knowing where to start, how to pay for it, and the idea of impending Armageddon often stands in the way of making the kind of preparations most of us know we need to make. Building an emergency food supply is wise because everyone should prepare for the unexpected and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some ideas for building your personal one-year food supply.

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