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What You Can Do Now to Prepare for the ‘What Ifs’ of Life

There’s a game many people play with children. It could be called a self-reliance exercise. It has to do with “making do” and being prepared, with planning for contingencies as well as being open to new ideas and possibilities. It’s not really a game, because it has applications today for many situations, including surviving a natural disaster or coping with other sorts of emergencies.

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Bugging Out with Pets

You know how to bug out and get your family to safety, but have you considered what to do with your pets when disaster strikes? If you’ve made a plan, you need to include your pets in your plan. Leaving your pets to face the disaster is an option but hopefully you won’t have to make that decision. The problem is that bugging out with pets adds a level of complexity you may not have encountered before.

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